chese mats

⮚ Description of Product
The mats are made of plastic tissues or plastic lattices. With their smooth and hygienic surface they are insusceptible to lactic and protein.

⮚ Welding of edges
A homogenous welding of the edges guarantees the observing of the required measurements and also prevents a fraying of the edges.

⮚ Cleaning
The mats can be cleaned up to a temperature of 70° C and an admixture of acid 1,5%.

⮚ Characteristics
Mats acc. to EU-standards
Admittance for foods
Hygienic surface
Homogenous welding of the edges
Exact observing of the measurements
Long working life

⮚ Use
Covering of racks
Mats for hard and soft cheese
Draining of the whey

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