Propolis grids

Information of product
For beekeepers we supply mats made of a special elastic plastic grid for the extraction of propolis. The mats are placed on the upper fold or on the upper edge of the bee box under the lid (see sketch).


The bees cannot attach to the lid, but fill the holes in the mat over the entire surface. The size of the holes is chosen so that the bees cannot put the head through, but the holes can be filled quickly.

After the honey harvest, the mats filled with propolis are taken from the colonies and replaced with clean ones, which remain on the colonies during the winter. The filled mats should be stored cool and dry for a longer period of time from autumn into winter. The propolis has then hardened and can be easily removed from the mats. You always take only a few mats from the "cold" (possibly also from the freezer) and work on them immediately before they become "warm".

To harvest the propolis, work on a sloping board in a plastic tub. First you bend the filled mat in the middle and push the mat halves overlapping each other, whereby the propolis loosens at the bend and drops into the tub. If the mats are heavily waxed, it makes sense to first harvest the propolis and then remove the wax.

The mats provide good air circulation, prevent moisture and as a result improve the room climate. They also replace the often used films that condense on the underside. They are easy to clean with hot water.

Cut to size available in all formats and meters.

The grid is approved for food contact.

Technical Data:
Material:    EVA (Ethylene vinyl acetate)
Hole size:   2 x 2 mm
Thickness: ca. 1,5 mm
Weight:      ca. 460 g/qm
Edges:       cut

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Bildmaterial: Jürgen Meder